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Guerrilla Marketing | Non Traditional Media

Guerrilla Marketing | Non Traditional Media

Nobody counts the number of ads you run; they just remember the impression you make.” —William (Bill) Bernbach, agency founder of DDB

In a world filled with advertising clutter, StickHead Media takes brands to the next level with custom ad campaigns that are relevant to target audiences, drive engagement, and most importantly … leave a lasting impression.

StickHead is an effective and targeted advertising and promotions company. We custom-tailor programs that help brands build one-to-one relationships with their target audience and leave a strong and lasting impression. With a nationwide presence, we reach millions of consumers every day, when they least expect it, by being at the right place … at the right time.

Creative Advertising Tactics & Marketing Strategies:


street-level impressions in busy areas with heavy pedestrian and auto traffic. Targetable to specific, buildings, streets and neighborhoods…



provides potential access to venues that do not allow fixed displays. Targetable to specific type of venue and neighborhoods…


Street Team

your message and branded items are passed directly into the hands of the consumer. Targetable to sporting events, trade shows, conferences, concerts, shopping districts, parades and transportation hubs…


Target Marketing

SEO, social media strategies, email marketing, inbound marketing, direct marketing, viral marketing, media buying…